pre/post natal care

Pre/Post Natal Classes

Childbirth Education Series

This comprehensive weekend series an intimate and interactive class filled with discussion, experiential exercises, massage techniques, and selected short videos. After this series, you will know optimal care in childbirth and feel confident about:

  • The anatomy, physiology & stages of labor

  • Articulating birth preferences (“birth plans”)
  • Comfort Measures and labor-support techniques
  • Understanding medical procedures and navigating interventions, complications, cesarean birth, and cesarean prevention
  • When and how to have team-oriented conversations with healthcare providers
  • Making informed decisions
  • Managing the unexpected
  • Mindful coping strategies to manage labor, delivery, and beyond
  • Postpartum Preparation and feeding your baby
  • Connections with resources such as Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, and Lactation Consultants

Series Teachers

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