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Sacred Warrior Herbal Apprenticeship

 Group 3 Begins Saturday July 14th! Sign Up Now!

Deepen your relationship to yourself & the living earth through plant medicine

Sacred Warrior Herbal Apprenticeships at Love Is Juniper in Brooklyn, NY offer hands on learning with medicinal plants. You’ll have access to our backyard medicine garden, learn about medicinal plants in NYC and create a homemade apothecary to last you through the seasons.

We’ve partnered with Saw Mill Herb Farm in Western MA to provide fresh organic herbs for medicine making through the Summer & Fall. You’ll learn about the plants you receive and how to work with them through making tinctures, vinegars, oils, salves, teas & infusion. Come away with an experiential foundation in herbal medicine, a renewed relationship with yourself and with the natural world. Some classes will be outdoors in Prospect Park to work with medicinal plants in the urban wild. This course suited for absolute beginners to intermediate level herbalists.


The classes are led by Herbalist & Sacred Warrior Founder, Vanessa Chakour. Her approach to plant medicine engages intuition and reminds you how to listen to, and learn from the language of nature. We’ll spend time in the garden, share an herbal infusion (medicinal tea) each class and discuss the ways plants help us to heal through the mind, body and spirit.



In each class you’ll receive a 4 fresh herb bundles grown using sustainable, organic practices. Some are wild-harvested in the fields, forests, hills and valleys of Western MA. Seasonal selections include Echinacea Root, Burdock Root, Nettles, Mullein, Red Clover, Tulsi Holy Basil, Elderberry, Cleavers, St. John’s Wort and more. 

Herbs will arrive on the day of class.



• Membership to fresh organic herb CSA
(seasonal medicinals received day of class)

• Creation of a personal apothecary
(tinctures, salves, vinegars, herbal oils for mind, body & spirit)

• Plant meditations & ally work

• A Plant Walk in Prospect Park

• Personalized healing practices

• A deepened relationship to nature

• A supportive community environment

• Discounts to additional Sacred Warrior Plant Walks & Herbal outings

An avid environmentalist, Vanessa’s exploration led her to study herbal medicine and pursue a sustainable lifestyle. She is passionate about helping to deepen people’s relationships to their own bodies and the body of the earth. Many of her workshops inspire a connection to the wild—inside and out—and the multitude of healing plants in urban areas. She has studied and taught with renowned Herbalists such as Robin Rose Bennett and Matthew Wood and has partnered with Hidden Garden Wellness center in Costa Rica where she teaches, runs retreats and studies the local indigenous, latin and afro-caribbean medicines. She has developed partnerships with Wolf Conservation Center in So Salem NY, See Turtles, and other wildlife organizations with whom she offers Sacred Warrior workshops and Rewilding retreats.

Group 3: 12:30-3:30  
SUMMER: July 14thAugust 11thSept 8th
FALL: Oct 13th, Nov 10th, December 6th
18 class hours + garden hours, plant walks + mentorship days

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